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Improve our Education System

“As a teacher, I am seeing firsthand how partisan politics that schools implant on students are harmful because they are very divisive and they take away from a student’s important ability to enhance critical skills that they need to succeed in life such as reading, writing, and mathematics. Partisan politics are being implanted in the Virginia school curriculum, which includes a lot of history that is factually inaccurate and is driving a wedge in our nation to fulfill a partisan political agenda. We need to teach both the good and bad truth about our history because it will teach students not to repeat the negative events of the past and appreciate the greatness of how this nation was founded. Finally, since one-size does not fit all, it is important that the state of Virginia includes more charter schools and vocational programs to meet the needs of a variety of learners. Also, charter schools will allow parents to pull their kids out of their assigned district school if their child feels threatened or bullied and put them in a school that will allow them to be safer.”

Back the Blue

“Since law enforcement keeps us safe and protects our civil liberties is important to back them up. They need to know that they can perform properly without have worry about facing repressions. Also, they need to have the funding for the proper equipment to perform their jobs effectively.”

Election Integrity

“We need to have election integrity. We need to have voter ID and we need to get rid of drop

boxes because they open the floodgates to cheating. If you don’t have integrity in our elections, we will lose our Representative Democracy.”

Right-to-Work for State, County, Town, and Cities Employees:

“Under Virginia law, counties, towns, and cities are allowed to have collective bargaining with unions, which allows them to have a monopoly control over employees. For example, we all saw the damages that unions caused on student learning when they played a massive part in the year-long school shutdowns. Also, since Virginia is a Dillion’s Rule state, that means that when the General Assembly passes laws allowing locals to do what they want with collective bargaining, it will go. As of now, locals can force their county employees to be a part of the union, which opens the doors for union dues from employees going to corrupt politicians. I hope that this helps.. Instead, collective bargaining increases taxes and makes it much easier for unions to trap employees into paying union dues that would not increase pay for the workers but would go towards paying lawyers and bureaucrats to administer the costs of collective bargaining. Finally, the unions take the union dues that employees pay and don’t use the funds to help them when they need representation that the unions promise them. Instead, they take about 94% of those dues and donate them to politicians that represent their partisan agenda they want schools to indoctrinate students into believing that certain races, gender, and ethnicities are privileged or oppressed, and the privileged students should be ashamed of their privilege and the oppressed should be angry with the privileged students. This ideology that the unions are pushing in schools is very divisive and dangerous among teachers, parents, and students and if a teacher or students goes against this indoctrination, they get bullied by the radical left teachers and administrators using intimidation attacks against them. Also, it wants to exclude parents from their fundamental rights that they have as parents to be involved in their child’s education.” 

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