Dear Neighbors,

I am writing to you today because I am very concerned about what is being taught in our schools. Socialists are trying to force Critical Race Theory on students. In Virginia they call it Culturally Responsive Teaching, which is based on Critical Race Theory. We need to stop them.

Critical Race Theory teaches our children to hate each other. It claims that white children are inherently racist and this country is built on principles designed to project white supremacy. What a terrible thing to say to children.

I won’t stand for this misrepresentation of America’s history. And I am doing something about it.

I am supporting my friend Julie Perry for the House of Delegates. She is a Republican running for an open seat here in Northern Virginia.

Julie is a history teacher in public school. I was so proud when she told me that she is pushing back against Critical Race Theory by running for a state office that I donated $100 to her campaign right away.

Can you join us in stopping Critical Race Theory from spreading through our schools with a quick donation of $50, $100 or more right now?

The state is mandating education policies that do not reflect the values of Virginia’s communities. Parents are standing up everywhere across the commonwealth. Julie and I are standing with them and we hope you will join us.

We need your help. With the necessary funds we can stop this perversion of history from destroying education in Virginia.

You can donate through this link here- A contribution of $50, $100, or more will send a message to the socialists in the Department of Education that Critical Race Theory has no place in Virginia’s schools.

-Cheryl C.